Event Photos from 2016
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Superbowl Party – February 7
Hare and Hound – April 23
Plymouth Run – May 14
Dessert Social – May 29

Root Beer Floats with a cooking demonstration for dutch oven peach cobbler and zuccini bread

First thing you need is an apprentice?
Next open the can of peaches
Bring to a boil
Add cake mix
On to the Zuccini Bread

Start with the Apprentice and a helper

The Judges
Annual Picnic – August 20
Virginia City Outhouse Races – Sept 29 thru Oct 2
(A joint venture with North Bay Corvette Association)
Display Day at the Auburn Airport – October 8
(A joint venture with North Bay Corvette Association)
The Planes
More corvettes than planes, however this was a dog friendly event!
Mendocino Run – October 8,9, &10
Too much fun, not enough pictures
Rod and his Harem
Two Angels with the Wicked Witch of the West
Day of the Dead – Murphys – November 5 & 6
November 5 & 6
Getting ready to hit the town