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January 4th – White Elephant Party
February 21st – Nakoma Country Club
February 21, 2015
Nakoma Country Club – Clio, Ca.
March 21st – Murder and Pizza Next Of Kin – a murder mystery play
YEAR: 2015
EVENT: A party hosted by Hamilton “Big Daddy” Sugarbaker, on his yacht, the SS Royal Flush, for his birthday.
THE WEALTH: Big Daddy comes from a very wealthy family, one that’s been wealthy for so long, they forget where it all came from but here are some products that made the Sugarbaker’s wealthy: the Southern Belle Containment Girdle for Women and its sister product the Southern Belle Containment Brassiere for Abundant Women, Big Daddy Sour Mash Whiskey, Big Daddy Sour Mash Whiskey for Sissies (the non-alcoholic version) and, their biggest money maker, bottle caps. Big Daddy has the Midas touch when it comes to making money. He wished the rest of his kin did as well.
The Cast:
Hamilton “Big Daddy” Sugarbaker: Played by Dave Garcia
A rich man from Atlanta, Georgia who moved here 6 months ago after the disastrous failure of his second marriage–to a woman many years his junior. His first wife, Babette, died giving birth to Ashley–she had a weak heart and wasn’t strong enough to survive childbirth a second time.
Bobbie Joe Butler: Played by Linda Mulay
Big Daddy‘s nurse, confidante, and friend. She would do anything for the man who saved her from certain death 5 years ago. She collapsed outside his home one morning, homeless and hungry. He felt pity for the young girl and provided her with food & medical attention. When she was well, she offered to work for him–free. He wouldn’t let her but she kept coming around until he finally gave her odd jobs. She was efficient and excellent at her tasks. She stayed on. He then provided her with the means to go to nursing school – she went for 2 years and has now been back for a little over 3 years, nursing Big Daddy.
Rhett Sugarbaker: Played by Anthony Halby
Big Daddy‘s oldest son. A smarmy, slick, dirty-dealing, unethical businessman. He’ll do anything to make money–anything–and what better way to make money than by stealing from his own father’s bottle capping company in Atlanta. Rhett has very high gambling debts so what choice does he have but to embezzle? His father is a miser to his very own kin! He still lives in Atlanta but flies out to Daddy when called.
Scarlett Sugarbaker: Played by Suzie Bradinini
Rhett‘s selfish, social-climbing wife who tries to be classy and fails – miserably. She comes from the wrong side of the tracks and it shows. The smell of money makes her desperate to have more of it. She is a bad girl, through and through.
Ashley Sugarbaker: Played by Jay Jacobsen
Big Daddy‘s youngest son. He’s a struggling poet–a lousy one at that–who’s embittered by his lack of success, but who still believes, despite his failures, that he’s a true “artiste.” In other words, he’s a snob. He has only published one book of poetry called “Mine” and that was thoroughly panned by the critics and the masses, leaving Ashley quite humiliated. Once he found out Daddy was moving here, he decided to move too. Maybe this place will be more “open” to creative types.
Melanie Sugarbaker: Played by Charlene Halby
Ashley‘s supportive but very eccentric wife. She’s an “interpretive dancer” (and she can interpret that however she wants). She and Ashley snobbishly cling to a lifestyle neither can truly afford thus she becomes infuriated when Ashley’s rich daddy won’t help them with their needs. Ashley and Melanie just married 2 months ago and have yet to consummate their marriage. Melanie believes Ashley’s excuses for um, non-performance shall we say and makes excuses for his excuses. Truth be told, for Ashley, their marriage is just another way to try to please his father.
Philly (Philomena) Sugarbaker: Played by Julie Gordon
Big Daddy‘s drunkard of a sister. Philly‘s had a sad, miserable life–she even spent some time in prison for robbery, theft, & even prostitution. When she was a teenager, she was always being picked up for truancy, public drinking, breaking & entering and destroying public property. Finally her parents sent her to a home for wayward teenagers and disowned her — took her right out of their will. All these years later, she hasn’t changed her ways much. Now she merely leeches off Big Daddy because, in her book, he owes her (he got all the money and she got nothing) and wallows in alcohol & her own self-pity. She was released from a 1/2 way house in Atlanta 3 months ago and, per her probation details, she’s required to live near her kin–which would be Big Daddy. And so she does.
Savannah Sugarbaker: Played by Nita Jacobsen
Big Daddy‘s neurotic second wife who’s prone to drastic mood swings and irrational, insane, behavior. She is a surprise guest this evening. Seven years ago, Savannah and Big Daddy met at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles in Atlanta, where Savannah was a waitress. He became a regular and always requested her because she kindly brought him two syrups, heated just the way he liked. Big Daddy and Savannah married that New Year’s Eve. They separated 6 months ago and Big Daddy rushed their divorce through all the legal channels. Savannah insists that they are NOT divorced, that he still loves her and wants her back. She also insists she was on an extended vacation for the last 6 months because she was too much woman for the ailing man.
Beulah Bucks, Esquire : Played by Ralene Luis
Big Daddy‘s no-nonsense lawyer. Time is money and she has collected a lot of it from Big Daddy.
Beulah Bucks, Esquire : Played by Ralene Luis
Big Daddy‘s no-nonsense lawyer. Time is money and she has collected a lot of it from Big Daddy.
May 2nd – Ladies Tea
June 6th – Progressive Brunch
July 4th – 4th of July Parade
July 4th – 4th of July Parade
July 6 th thru 12th – Annual WSCC Convention
Leaving Grass Valley
Meet and Greet at Reno
Car Show
Hospitality Competition
Go Karts
Auto Cross
Awards Banquet
Free Time
August 22nd – Annual Picnic at Lake Wildwood
October 2-4 – Outhouse Races at Virginia City, NV
At Virginia City – Let the games begin
Exhausted and Heading back to Carson City
Breakfast at the Ranch
December 17 – Annual Christmas Party